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JAL nRF24L01+ Library

There was a request for a JAL Library of the nRF24L01+ wireless transmitter/receiver module. The nice thing about this module is that it uses its own protocol to transmit and receive data, including automatic acknowledge handling. This reduces the amount of work that needs to be done by the PIC. You just have to send some bytes and verify if the transmission was OK. It has sufficient FIFO’s on board to buffer the received messages and it interfaces with the PIC via an SPI interface.

Nokia 5110 Display Library

JAL had a library for the very popular Nokia 3310 display. Unfortunately the library was not part of the release since there were some issues with the graphics features of it. In the meantime the 3310 display has been replaced by the 5510 which has the same functionality since it still uses the Philips PCD8544 display controller.

The Virtual Wire Library

In one of my projects I needed an inexpensive but reliable RF link over which I could send a few bytes of data. A popular and inexpensive transmitter and receiver is available on the 433 MHz frequency band using Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK). The challenge was to set up a reliable link using these devices.

JALPIC One Development Board

In order to make JAL programming easy without the need of a programmer, the JALPIC One development board was created. This board has the same type of connectors as the Arduino Uno and the connections are - where possible - the same as the Arduino Uno.

Using the ESP8266 with a PIC to create your IoT device.

Recently I created a library with the name 'esp8266.jal' for connecting a PIC to your WiFi. The library is based on an ESP8266 ESP12-F and it based on version 2.0.0 of the ESP8266 AT command set.
The ESP8266 interfaces with the PIC using a UART.

MP3 Player

This is an MP3 schematic I've created. See the attached PDF.

It includes the following features:

- SD Card
- Hard Disk
- VS1053B mp3 decoder (with line in, line out & microphone).
- 23k256 for extra ram (used by FAT32 lib), not required.
- 74HC08 to allow for additional SPI devices.
- Serial port
- LCD (Not yet connected). May have run out of pins.

The schematic needs to be tested for errors.

FET H-Bridge Motor Controller

Circuit for H-Bridge Motor Speed Controller for PIC microcontroller.


Note: I have not tested with the Schottky diodes. I have ordered them. I may blow my FETs with feedback voltage spikes from the motor.



Building Jaluino Bee v2.0

This page had move to Jaluino website.


Jaluino Bee v2.0

(but where is v1.0 ?...)

I've been working for several months by now on a new Jaluino board, Jaluino Bee. I've designed a first PCB (v1.0), tested it with more or less success and now have ordered (and received) a second batch of PCBs (v2.0). From all i could test it seems to work "out of the box", so now is the time to expose this...

Upper three board: Bee v1.0 with more or less "green wire" fixes. From left to right: Jaluino Bee[z] powered by PIC18F25K22, Jaluino Bee powered by PIC18F27J53 (lots of fixes...) and Jaluino Bee[p] powered by PIC18F2550 (because I had some in my box...). On the bottom, Jaluino Bee v2.0 powered by PIC18F27J53 (no more "green wire" fixes), sweet...

A visual history of Jallib

Gource is a nice tool used to produce videos from source control softwares like SVN, Git, Mercurial and Bazaar. For the fun, I've run Gource over jallib repository. 

Some early jallib committers may remember specific details, like validated/unvalidated maps, samples stored "by_device", etc... Lots of decisions taken, and later reconsidered, more committers (who sometimes behave like some Jedi Masters), more libs, more samples, more alive ! :)

Enjoy !