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Jaluino IDE flash demo

Jaluino IDE (or Jaluinoide, that's its name), is an IDE for Jaluino. Main goals were:

  • cross-platform IDE
  • available plugin architecture
  • easy to develop for me (that is, preferably in python)

There are already IDE available for Jalv2, notably PICShell (cross-platform, no plugins, maybe too much complex and not configurable enough) and Jaledit (not cross-platform, no plugins, very unfortunately as this is the most advanced Jal IDE available). So I had to give a try for yet another IDE that would fulfill Jaluino needs.

I chose Editra IDE as the base ( Editra is python based (cross-platform) and provide an elegant and well documented plugin architecture.

The following flash video should give you a good overview of current IDE features.

Jaluino IDE Wink

(it may take a while before Wink GUI appears. If still nothing, please report !)

Want to give a try ? First checkout Jaluino SVN repository:

    $ svn checkout jaluino

Jaluino IDE is actually an Editra's plugin. It's based on main Editra's feature, to speed up development. Editra can be downloaded from While developing jaluinoide, I asked for several improvements, mainly to have enough flexibilty. Author Cody Precord kindly integrated these (amazing support). Still these fixes aren't available in a released version (current version is 0.5.32), so in order to use Jaluinoide properly, you'll have to use sources. Go to 3rdparty directory and checkout Editra sources (you'll have a new Editra directory, within 3rdparty):

    $ svn checkout Editra 

(you can also use TortoiseSVN under Windows). 

You may also need to install wxpython libraries, available from here (choose unicode version):

Run Editra once, just to make sure it's working. Go to "3rdparty/Editra", and double-click on Editra.pyw under windows, or run ./Editra under Linux/OSX. Can you see Editra IDE ? Good, now close it, and go back to Jaluino root. Double-click on (or run python under Linux/OSX), and run again Editra. You can then follow instructions as shown in the video:

  • go to Tools => Plugin Manager
  • enable Jaluino IDE plugin, and restart Editra as requested
  • go to View => Shelf => Jaluino, Jaluino window should appear at the bottom
  • go write a nice application and give feedback !


Anonymous (not verified)
doesn't exist!

Hello Seb,

I try to install Jaluino under Linux Mint 11, but after typing

svn checkout

the answer is: 

svn: URL '' doesn't exist

So, what to do next?

Anonymous (not verified)
checkout error

Hi, I guess you have an error in the url remove the trailing "jaluino" Please go to for more. And finally I should advisd this is IDE is quite deprecated now... Cheers Seb

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