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Author: Jallib Group | Jallib Group

JALv2 & Jallib installation guide

Windows Install:

  1. Download jallib_full_win_setup from
  2. Run the setup file
  3. Run JalEdit.exe from the "jaledit" directory
  4. (optional) Click Tools Menu -> Environment Options -> Programmer, Then Set the Programmer Executable Path

You should get something like this on windows:


Linux Install

  1. Go to, get the link location of the jallib_full.
  2. Go to the directory you wish to install JALv2
  3. Download the package with: $ wget [link location of the jallib-pack] or simply use your favorite browser to download archive in the appropriate directory.
  4. unzip the package.
Note: Jaledit runs under Wine on Linux

You should get something like this on linux: